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Louis Tomlinson 'learning quickly' to be 'better dad'

Louis Tomlinson 'learning quickly' to be 'better dad'

Louis Tomlinson's granddad says the star is "learning very quickly" to be a "great dad".

The 24-year-old singer's grandfather Len says the One Direction hunk will be a "better dad" the more he looks after his two-month-old son Freddie - who he has with stylist Briana Jungwirth - and insists his grandson has already picked up plenty of tips since the little one's birth in January.

He said: "He's learning very quickly to be a dad. I mean Louis wants to be a great dad and he is a great dad and will be a better dad. But it's all a new learning curve for him.

"I see him changing Freddie and feeding Freddie, like we all do and all have done. But it's a new phenomenon for Louis and he's learning very quickly on his feet."

Len admitted Louis missed Freddie a lot when he returned to the UK in February to accept the Best British Video prize for 1D's 'Drag Me Down' music video at the BRIT Awards alongside fellow band member Liam Payne, which was the first time he had been away from his Los Angeles-based boy.

Louis' granddad said: "I mean the baby's very young, he's only two months old. So there's no real baby stories, apart from agaga agoogoo."

Len also insisted One Direction will be back from their self-imposed hiatus at some stage in their careers - even if they only want to make cash from a return.

Speaking to ITV Calendar, he added: "They will come back. Even if it's only to make a lot more money."