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Lizzy Caplan: 'Social media makes me uncomfortable'

Lizzy Caplan: 'Social media makes me uncomfortable'

Actress Lizzy Caplan isn't tempted to join social media websites as she's not up for advertising her life.

While countless celebrities from the world of film, music and TV love to share their thoughts on networks like Twitter and Facebook, Masters of Sex star Lizzy has zero interest in them. That's not to say she doesn't like to have a peek at what others are doing though, proving she's just as nosy as the rest of the internet.

"I do look at other people’s social media sites," Lizzy admitted to Malibu magazine. "And I’m a really big fan of looking at other people’s Tinder and swiping for them, because I think that’s so strange and odd. But for me personally, there’s no temptation. It’s probably a combination of things.

"I have reasons for staying off, for personal as well as professional reasons. But more than that, there’s something about turning your friends or anybody you know into your audience that doesn’t sit well for me. I always found it strange that you’re creating essentially an advertisement for your life.”

A lot of her own life may be under wraps, but as an actress it's Lizzy's job is to delve into what her character is thinking. She's played everything from Goth outsider Janis Ian in Mean Girls, to sexy CIA Agent Lacey in The Interview. Her turn as Virginia Johnson in Masters of Sex led to an Emmy nomination in 2014, but Lizzy easily separates her work and home life.

"Not really," she said when asked if she ever draws from anything real while at work. "I mean, to some extent, sure. It’s our job to portray people who are not ourselves, so we need to pay attention to how people who are not ourselves are existing in the world.

"But, for me, it usually starts with putting myself in the situation and thinking about how I’d react. I’m pretty good at this point at putting myself in somebody else’s shoes and knowing how she would behave.”

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