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Lizzy Caplan: Shooting a sex scenes isn't the 'end' of your life

Lizzy Caplan: Shooting a sex scenes isn't the 'end' of your life

Lizzy Caplan has realised "life doesn't end" after shooting a steamy sex scene.

The 34-year-old American actress - who has been cast as Virginia Johnson in the American period drama series 'Masters of Sex' - has admitted she felt relieved when she discovered the intimate scene with her co-star Michael Sheen didn't ruin her life.

Speaking about getting up close and personal on set, she said: "It's one of those things where once you do it, you see that your life doesn't end and the building doesn't burn down."

And the brunette beauty was comforted when she noticed the 47-year-old's hands were "nervous and shaky" when he had to unbutton her shirt and grope her chest.

Meanwhile the 'Now You See Me 2' star has revealed she was "forced" to grow into an adult when she lost her mother Barbara at the young age of 13.

She explained: "I had been immature of a 13-year-old and very much the youngest child. I went from having a sheltered childhood to instant adulthood, which was hard. Crazy.

"But in other ways it made everybody come up with survival tools to get through it. Being forced to become a grown-up far too young. I ended up doing a good impression of an adult and it took me a while to realise what that actually entailed."

However, it was down to the death of her parent she embarked on a career in the film industry.

She said: "I just did drama on a whim, but as soon as I started taking the class, I realised I liked doing it more than anything else.

"I remember thinking when I started getting into acting that I would have had no business even attempting it had I not dealt with any trauma in my life."