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Liv Tyler on importance of social media

Liv Tyler on importance of social media

Liv Tyler thinks actors lose out on work if they don't use social media.

The 'Leftovers' star - who runs her own Instagram account but not her Twitter page - insists some people can "transcend" the pressure to use such sites to engage with their fans, but admitted some Hollywood bosses are more likely to offer work to a star they know will promote their projects online.

Asked if she feels compelled to use social media because of its importance in marketing to Hollywood, she said: "I know that people who have more followers tend to get more jobs than people that don't.

"But some of the most elegant people I know and love would never dream of doing it, some people sort of transcend it."

But the 39-year-old actress - who has 11-year-old son Milo from her marriage to Royston Langdon, and kids Sailor, 16 months, and Lula, seven weeks, with fiance Dave Gardner - insists she doesn't feel the pressure to use her Instagram page to "sell things".

She told The Hollywood Reporter: "I don't like to feel like I have to sell things on it.

"I mean, you do have to do those things to some extent, but some people that's all they're doing, selling things."

Liv has always loved taking photographs so really enjoys using Instagram to engage with her fans and share glimpses of her world.

She said: "I personally have always really loved to take pictures - if I didn't do what I did I'd love to be a photographer. In that way it's a really nice platform to be able to talk about the things that are important to me, or just to show the visuals of the way I see the world."