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Liv Tyler couldn't love anyone with 'bad taste' in music

Liv Tyler couldn't love anyone with 'bad taste' in music

Liv Tyler couldn't love anyone with "bad taste" in music.

The 39-year-old actress - who has son Milo, 11, from her previous marriage to Royston Langdon, as well as 17-month-old Sailor and Lula, four weeks, with her fiance Dave Gardner - is attracted to "thoughtful, considerate" men, and has admitted she won't tolerate it if she doesn't agree with their choices of favourite bands and singers.

Asked about what she looks for in a suitor, she said: "A thoughtful, considerate person melts my heart.

"Someone who pays attention and notices the little things.

"And I can't be friends or love someone who has bad taste in music."

While Liv doesn't get embarrassed easily, she admits her parents, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and former Playmate Bebe Buell, always manage to leave her red-faced with their outrageous comments.

She said: "I'm not easily embarrassed at all, but my mom and dad both manage it.

"They can say some pretty bold and outrageous things. They are never afraid to say what's on their mind, that's for sure."

Like her parents, the 'Lord of the Rings' actress isn't afraid to speak her mind, although she never holds a grudge after a row.

She said: "I try not to take things too personally. If someone or something really upsets me I'm pretty straightforward about it. I am not a grudge-holder.

"Because I am softly-spoken and a bit shy, people think I'm not a strong or brave person but I'm very resilient."

Although Liv has admitted she has made mistakes in her life, she has no regrets because she's learned something from all of her experiences.

She told Grazia magazine: "No regrets. Many mistakes. I feel grateful for the lessons they teach me. Life would be so boring without them."