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Lionel Richie's daughter wants fame

Lionel Richie's daughter wants fame

Lionel Richie's 17-year-old daughter wants to be famous.

The 'Hello' hitmaker - who has daughter Nicole Richie, 34, with ex-wife Brenda Harvey, and kids Miles, 21, and Sofia with second ex-wife Diane Alexander - admits it is "hard" trying to rein in his youngest child's ambitions because she already has so many friends in the public eye.

He said: "Nicole and I are having an issue as to when is too soon. Miles and Sofia, they want everything to happen tomorrow.

"Sofia has grown up with Jaden Smith. He's her classmate. So when he has four movies out that have made $200 million, and her other friends are the Jenner sisters, she's thinking, 'Why not me?'

"Nicole and I are trying - but it's difficult - to hold onto the reins of something that's the norm in that world.

"In our family, Miles is the only one who's shy. He loves being behind the scenes. Turn a camera on and he'll find a crack in the wall."

However, despite his reservations, the 66-year-old singer is keen for all his children to "upstage" him.

In a joint interview with daughter Nicole, he told new Hong Kong-based magazine #legend: "I'm the proud papa. That's what happens when everyone starts giving attention to my kids. This business is so difficult - to raise a family, to put things together...It was a worry and a struggle to get there.

"So when someone speaks highly of your kid and you see your kids actually turning a corner and coming back and liking their own interests...What you end up doing as a parent is you want your kids to upstage you."