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Lionel Richie: Can I be Batman?

Lionel Richie: Can I be Batman?

Lionel Richie and Lenny Kravitz spent ages trying to work out which of them was Batman and which Robin when they were christened after the crime fighters.

The two stars had the nicknames bestowed upon them after they were involved in a fight while in the UK. While Lionel doesn't condone using violence, in this instance he believes it was justified.

"It happened in London, it was me and Lenny Kravitz," he told Q magazine when asked when he was last in a fight. "We were in a club and some guy got mad at his girlfriend for hanging out with us. It made the papers, actually. It was me, Lenny and [designer, and Boris Becker's former wife] Barbara Becker and the guy comes over and slaps his girlfriend. Lenny and I were in shock and Barbara attacked the guy. So naturally we had to go to Barbara's defence. The papers called us Batman and Robin. Lenny and I were trying to figure out which one was Batman and which one was Robin."

The 66-year-old opened up about life on the road in general, some of which he enjoys and some not so much. Although he didn't go into detail, one trip abroad for work resulted in his most recent lie.

"I won't name any cities, but there are some days when you walk out on stage and say, 'It's great to be here in your city,' and in reality I can't wait to get back on the plane and leave," he laughed.

The singer is used to chatting about his music too, so wasn't surprised to be asked when he last stayed up All Night Long - one of his most famous tracks.

"Oh, every night. I'm a night owl. I got to bed when the sun comes up. My morning is about 11.30, 12. I have breakfast at lunch, lunch at dinner and dinner the next morning," he replied.

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