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Lindsay Lohan wins round of $60 million legal battle

Lindsay Lohan wins round of $60 million legal battle

Lindsay Lohan and her brother Michael Lohan Jr. have won the latest round in their $60 million legal battle.

The 'Mean Girls' actress, her sibling and another partner were sued by Fima Potik for $60 million after he alleged they stole his idea for a fashion app named Spotted Friend to launch their own titled Vigme.

However, the parties have now agreed - pending a sign-off from a judge - to lift a temporary restraining order against them after their lawyer Ravi Batra claimed it had kept them from working on their business for a year.

Batra said: "Fima has disobeyed three court orders to produce proof that he had a working app by June 2013, something he was never able to prove."

The lawyer also described Potik as a "celebrity leach" and a "spoiled little wannabe trust-fund baby who wants to hang out with Lindsay and who got himself a lot of ink by suing".

Potik reportedly tried to put the legal battle on hold for financial reasons in September and Batra has now criticised him for his attempts.

He told the New York Post newspaper's PageSix that Potik "wants to say, 'Sorry, I didn't realise I was in court. I was window shopping at Macy's. No, you were in court, and by the way, here's the bill. This is a huge civics lesson for spoiled little rich brats."

Batra also revealed he's moving for Potik to pay for the Lohan's legal fees.

Bernard Daskal - who is Potik's third attorney in the case - said: "At this time we have no comment."

Meanwhile, Michael Jr. was arrested for allegedly using a forged New York State 'Executive Branch' placard on his car windshield last week.

His lawyer - Mark Heller - said at the time: "I'm confident this case will be dismissed."