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Lindsay Lohan to keep diamond ring?

Lindsay Lohan to keep diamond ring?

Lindsay Lohan will reportedly keep the diamond ring her ex-fiancé gave her.

The 'Mean Girls' star split from Egor Tarabasov after a series of public rows and she is expected to keep the $300,000 ring he gave her as a "severance package".

A source close to the Tarabasovs said: "That's her severance package. When she runs out of money, she can sell it on 47th Street for $60,000."

And Egor's parents have reportedly urged their son to start working and are considering freezing his trust fund to encourage him to get on the career ladder.

An insider added to the New York Post's Page Six column: "The father has told Egor, 'You had your Hollywood fling, now it's time to move on to a Russian girl and start working.

"The father is considering, as a last resort, to freeze his trust fund in order to get some sense into him."

Meanwhile, Lindsay's father Michael recently claimed Egor used his daughter to live a more glamorous lifestyle.

He said: "I have no idea [if he's wealthy]. All I know if my daughter is paying most of the bills and trips were complimentary because of Lindsay's name.

"She was a segueway for him to live that lifestyle ... I wish she'd settle down with a nice, normal, sober guy. Someone who does as much for her as she does for them, and not someone in the entertainment business."

When video footage emerged of Egor trying to take a phone out of Lindsay's hands, Michael sent Egor texts and is upset he didn't get a response.

Asked if he did send the messages, he added: "Absolutely, and I stand by them. Grabbing and choking my daughter? Her friends said she had black and blue marks all over her neck, chest and arm.

"You'd think he would have called me up and apologised or given me an explanation, but he didn't."