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Lily Allen is having therapy

Lily Allen is having therapy

Lily Allen is having therapy.

The 31-year-old star has revealed she is seeking help with anger management.

She wrote on Twitter: "I've got therapy in the AM It's just occurred to me that I haven't seen my shrink since before #brexit . #angermanagement3 (sic)"

Meanwhile, Lily - who has Marnie, three, and Ethel, four, with her estranged husband Sam Cooper - has had a tough time of it lately after previously opening up about her stalking ordeal.

Revealing more details about her ordeal, she said: "I'm lying in bed and I can see the door handle moving and then he steams in, starts screaming and shouting ... I could see he was really agitated and upset.

"I recoiled back into my bed and he ripped the duvet off and jumped out of bed and ran around to the other side of the room and he kept shouting at me, but he was very focused on me and it was loud and aggressive and he had something under his jumper."

And Lily was terrified to discover that her stalker Alex Gray had vowed to kill a celebrity.

She shared: "It transpires that he had sent an email to his mother saying that he was in London, had come into some money - probably from my handbag that he stole - and that he was determined to murder a celebrity. The police didn't tell me that. And I was living in the same flat, on my own.

"I was DJing at an event and I came home at about 1 o'clock in the morning to find the handbag that had been stolen on the bonnet of my car ... At which point I called the police, and I think it was the next day they installed CCTV on the outside of my house and then a day after that he was arrested."