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Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson 'argue on stage'

Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson 'argue on stage'

Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson's representatives have denied rumours of a rift between the stars after Liam was videoed seemingly pushing Louis on stage.

The One Direction heartthrobs have been at the centre of much speculation of late, following the news that Louis is to become a father and the group are going on hiatus.

At the moment they are still playing together, with their On the Road Again Tour hitting Manchester, UK, on Sunday (04Oct15). A video has now emerged which appears to show Liam and Louis exchanging some heated words, before Liam shoves his bandmate.

"This is clearly just banter, they are obviously just messing about on stage," the singers' spokesperson told Mirror Celebs. "Anyone that has seen the band perform will know this."

Audience members have insisted there seemed to be tension though, with claims Louis even left the stage at several points. It was then apparently left to Liam and his other bandmates Niall Horan and Harry Styles to entertain the crowd.

Louis is also rumoured to have stood in the wrong place on stage, which is what irritated Liam as he couldn't easily get past him.

"All the time Louis kept disappearing off-stage between songs," audience member Maisie Adam, who took the video footage, told

"The other three looked a bit confused about that throughout the set.

"Then Louis forgot the words to one of the songs... Liam and Niall were looking over at him. They were looking a bit miffed."

The main incident reportedly occurred when the guys were trying to perform a set routine.

"(They) were supposed to be in certain places at a certain time," Maisie explained. "They were all there except Louis.

"Liam came forward to sing something and Louis was blocking his way - I would say pretty deliberately.

"He had had enough by this point. He pushed him quite hard and you can see him saying 'stop it'. He pushed him quite aggressively."

One Direction's representative also denied that Louis had left the stage.

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