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Liam Hemsworth's mother taught him sex education

Liam Hemsworth's mother taught him sex education

Liam Hemsworth's mother was his sex education teacher.

The 'Independence Day: Resurgence' star has revealed he was taught about the birds and the bees by his mom Leonie.

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, he said: "I had my mum for Personal Education and Sex Education. Learnt a lot, learnt a lot. A wise woman.

"The first class we had together she handed out these cards out to everyone that had some form of sexually-transmitted disease and for whatever reason, she felt the need to pick me first and stand up. She said, 'Liam, what do you have?' 'Well mom, I have chlamydia.'"

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old actor previously revealed his parents are his heroes.

He said: "Mum and dad. They're my legends. Two legends. And my brothers, Luke and Chris. I have a legendary family. We have a really close bond. I think that our whole family ... that we have such great parents who brought us up with such good values. I have always looked up to my older brothers. Yeah, we are really close friends.

"Initially the hardest part [of fame is] to adjust to the way people approach you now and react to you. You lose a lot of your anonymity. And I think that's obviously something, if you are going to be successful in this business, that you are going to have to deal with one day.

"I still consider my life normal - it is normal to me. I guess, to some people weird stuff happens in my life that would be considered not normal. But so many great things have happened since 'The Hunger Games' and it has allowed me to be a lot more financially secure and help out people that I care about."