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Liam Gallagher wants to make up with Noel

Liam Gallagher wants to make up with Noel

Liam Gallagher wants to make up with his brother Noel.

The 43-year-old rocker has barely spoken to his older sibling since they had a row which broke up their band Oasis in 2009, but he admits he misses "hanging out" with the 49-year-old star and thinks it would make their beloved mother Peggy happy if they set aside their differences.

Asked if they'll ever make up, he said :"Who knows? It certainly wouldn't be for money. I guess it would be nice to put it all to bed for my mam's sake.

"I miss hanging out with my brother. I f***ing love him but at the same time he's treated me like a bit of a ****."

The former Beady Eye frontman admits the barbs he and Noel, 49, have exchanged in public are incredibly "childish" but they just can't help themselves.

He added to Metro newspaper: "We're having a stand off, but it's a funny one, we're not putting in each other's windows or messing with each other's tyres, trying to kill each other.

"He's like, 'He can't sing'. 'F***ing do one potato.'

"It's stupid and it's childish and we should know better, but we don't."

While he wants to make up with Noel, Liam - who has four children, Molly, 18, Lennon, 17, Gene, 15, and Gemma, three, from various relationships - would punish his kids if they ever went to see his brother perform because he thinks the 'If I Had A Gun' hitmaker's music will turn them into "squares".

Discussing his worries about his kids, he said: "Making sure they don't turn into f***ing squares. That's the most important thing, isn't it?

"[What would show they were turning into squares?] Listening to Coldplay, listening to Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds... If I ever caught them at one of their gigs, there'd be trouble.

"I'd stop their pocket money or I'd dish out load of old photos of them with nappies full of s**t and put that on the internet and say 'Cop that, d**khead.'

"That'll do it 'cos they think they're cool now they're 16, 17."