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Liam Gallagher enjoys annoying Noel with tweets

Liam Gallagher enjoys annoying Noel with tweets

Liam Gallagher only tweets to "annoy" his brother Noel Gallagher.

The 43-year-old rocker regularly mocks his sibling and former Oasis bandmate on the social networking website - including frequent posts comparing pictures of the 'If I Had A Gun' singer to a potato - and though people tell him to "chill out" about their feud, he can't resist making online jibes because he's heard how much they bother his brother.

He said: "Lots of people say I need to chill out about Noel. Not until they stop Twitter. That *** will always get it from me.

"I've heard [my tweets] really annoy him. Someone told me the other week that the only thing that does his nut in are my tweets. Good. They will carry on and they will get bigger and better."

And Liam insists he won't stop hitting out at Noel as his brother wasn't even nice about him when they were in Oasis - who split following a row between the siblings in 2009 - together.

He said: "He slagged me off when we were in the same band! He'd do his interview, I'd come in to do mine and they'd go, 'He doesn't like you, does he?' I'd be saying how great he was. He still has pops. He needs to know that I ain't going away."

But despite his tough stance against Noel, Liam admits he does "miss" his brother, particularly after watching new documentary 'Supersonic', which focuses on the band's formation in 1991 and journey to their historic concerts at Knebworth Park in 1996 at which they played to 250,000 .

He said: "I miss the Noel in the film, that's the Noel I know. And I do love him. I don't sit at home crying into a picture of him, though, and I'm sure he doesn't of me either. But I'm an energy and I bet he misses that energy."

And the 'Live Forever' singer is still "disappointed" that Oasis split, though he isn't sure that Noel - who has gone on to forge an incredibly successful solo career - feels the same.

He told the new issue of Q magazine: "I was more disappointed that Oasis split up. I wonder if he was. I've never heard him say he was disappointed about Oasis. No, he's got what he wanted."

Liam's full interview is available to read in the new issue of Q magazine, which is out now. Visit for more.