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Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson split?

Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson split?

Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson have reportedly split.

The pair started dating four months ago, after they struck up a romance in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house but it appears that they romance is on the rocks after Lewis unfollowed Marnie on Twitter.

The Sun Online reports that Marnie has been spotted getting cosy with her ex-boyfriend Aaron Chalmers while filming the latest season of 'Geordie Shore'.

A source told the publication: "Marnie was getting very flirty with Aaron.

"There wasn't anything more to it but it seemed she wanted to get a reaction out of him... at one point she even started grinding against him."

And Lewis appeared to hint that all is not well, tweeting: "Never been so frustrated in all my life.

"Time for a big run to clear my head."

Before Marnie started shooting the latest series of the MTV reality TV show, Lewis admitted he had laid down some ground rules as he didn't want her getting into a fight with her on/off ex-boyfriend Aaron on camera because it could destroy their relationship.

He said: "There are certain things I wouldn't be happy with her doing, like getting into an argument with Aaron. Marnie doesn't care about him so nothing he says should wind her up. Marnie can be very flirty when she's drunk so I hope she won't be doing that now she's in a relationship."