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Leslie Jones is 'so excited' to be covering the Olympic Games

Leslie Jones is 'so excited' to be covering the Olympic Games

Leslie Jones is "so excited" to be covering the Olympic Games in Rio.

The 'Ghostbusters' actress cannot wait to join NBC and discuss the achievements of her home country on air during the sporting extravaganza, which is held in Rio, Brazil.

The 48-year-old shared her excitement on social media, and posted a video of her wearing a NBC Olympics Rio hat whilst proudly waving an American flag.

In the clip she said: "Guess who's going to Rio? Guess who's coming to Rio?

The star then tweeted: "You guys I'm gonna show y'all everything lmao!! Good and bad!! Hopefully it's all good!! SO EXCITED!! USA!USA! (sic)."

However, the Hollywood star had to take a short break from live tweeting in order to pack for her trip to the country hosting the sporting spectacle.

She added: "Ok packing I'm in the middle of watching Olympics so I might miss some stuff!!"

However she swiftly continued to document the on-goings at the Olympics, and shared a clip of the diving team preparing for action, which sees the camera pan to their bottoms squeezed into tight red trunks.

Leslie captioned the clip: "I'm just sayin ... (sic)."

Leslie accepted to join the coverage team on Monday (08.08.16), after she began to post live tweets about the Olympics and a fan suggested her commentary would boost TV ratings and inspire Team USA to win more gold medals, which swiftly attracted the attention of the broadcasting channel's executive producer Jim Bell.

Jim Bell previously tweeted her, and said: "You're officially invited to Rio. Want to come? (sic)"

And Leslie seemed impressed by the offer.

She replied: "Hmmmm don't play cause y'all need me! I would have the whole Olympics pumped!!"

According to Entertainment Weekly Leslie is expected to arrive in Rio by the end of this week.