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Lena Dunham's wedding plans

Lena Dunham's wedding plans

Lena Dunham wants her sister to wear a suit to her wedding.

The 'Girls' star is keen for her sister Grace, 24, and her partner Jack Antonoff's sibling Rachel to embrace androgynous fashion during their big day.

She said: "Jack and I have talked about it and we've always said that when we get married we want our wedding party to just be our two sisters in tuxedos. Jack has a straight sister, I have a queer sister; they'd be our best men / women and we'll call it a day. That's our dream."

And the 30-year-old actress likes to refer to the 32-year-old musician as her partner and joked it makes her "kind of down with the queer community".

She added: "I use partner because I like it. We're not married, but also, he's not my boyfriend.

"I feel like it's another one where I'm like, I'm kind of down with the queer community. I have my partner! He's my partner!"

Meanwhile, Lena has always been a fan of androgynous fashion herself.

She shared to PrideSource: "It's funny, when we were little girls my dad always wanted to dress us in a super androgynous way. If we were alone with him for the day, it was a plaid shirt, jeans, sneakers; he just thinks androgynous fashion on women is super cool. One of the first presents that he bought each of us: He got me a suit in eighth grade; he got my sister a suit in high school. He would really push the-ladies-in-suits angle. My mom came up in New York in the '80s wearing a power suit, so the idea of suiting as something that kind of already defies gender lines, I already felt like I had an understanding of. This (movie) obviously takes it to a whole new level."