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Lena Dunham feels 'alive'

Lena Dunham feels 'alive'

Lena Dunham has been treating herself like a "delicate flower" as she recovers from emergency surgery.

The 'Girls' star was rushed into hospital after an ovarian cyst rupture last month but she insists she is doing much better now and is fighting her battle with endometriosis.

She told PEOPLE magazine: "I feel great. I feel really alive. I feel the general itchiness and strangeness that I always feel when I get dressed up for an event. But that's all.

"I got much more rest time than the average woman with endo would probably be permitted, considering my job. I have been treating myself like a delicate, delicate flower."

And whilst the 29-year-old actress - who was honoured with the Blossom Award at the 8th Annual Blossom Ball, organised by the Endometriosis Foundation of America - did suffer a "health crisis" earlier this year, she enjoyed "binge watching" Kimmy Schmidt during her time off.

Speaking at the event, she added: "I did have a health crisis in February and March, but what was so amazing was that my jobs allowed me to rest and binge watch Kimmy Schmidt and lay with a hot water bottle, and do what it is I want to do. And that's not the case for so many women who have this disease."