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LeAnn Rimes almost had breakdown like Britney Spears

LeAnn Rimes almost had breakdown like Britney Spears

LeAnn Rimes says she almost had a breakdown similar to Britney Spears.

The 'How Do I Live' hitmaker "totally understands" why the 'Toxic' hitmaker was pushed to the brink in 2007-2008 - when she caused concern with antics such as shaving her head and refusing to return her sons Sean Preston, now 10, and Jayden, now nine, to their father Kevin Federline - as her own stardom almost brought her to a similar low point.

LeAnn explained: "I've been in those shoes too, and know those experiences. The shaving the head thing? I totally understand it.

"I didn't go there, but I definitely had the feeling of it I'm sure at some point."

However, LeAnn is delighted that Britney has managed to put those times behind her and make a successful comeback.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper she said: "I look at her and think it's really amazing what she's overcome. It's nice to see someone come out the other side and be successful again."

Like Britney, LeAnn began her career at a young age, releasing her first single at the age of just 13, and she regrets the fact she "didn't have a childhood" as she has struggled to find her own identity.

She said: "I really didn't have a childhood. Parts of me still needed to develop and grow into this woman I am.

"You could never figure out who you were because there were so many other opinions. I don't recommend it to anyone, let's put it that way."

However, the 'Story' singer - who is married to Eddie Cibrian - doesn't have any regrets as her experiences have made her the person she is today.

She explained: "I wouldn't be where I am and I wouldn't be able to speak on the many things and write what I've written.

"I've gone through the anger and now I'm on the other side."