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Lea Seydoux praises Daniel Craig

Lea Seydoux praises Daniel Craig

Léa Seydoux feels "very lucky" to have worked with Daniel Craig.

The 30-year-old actress - who played Madeleine Swann in the latest James Bond movie 'Spectre' - has praised her co-star for being "generous and very nice" and admitted he helped her a lot when she was intimidated on the set of the movie.

She said: "At the very start I was a little bit afraid because I was not really sure of myself. Madeleine is a real woman and it's the first time I think that I've played a woman who is that powerful.

"But when I started the preparation and rehearsed with Daniel, the chemistry was really fantastic. I really enjoyed being Madeleine and it was a great experience.

"Daniel is a very generous actor, and very nice. I was very lucky to work with him. He is very helpful, and he listens and is caring, so that was great for me. I'm very glad I met him."

And the actress admitted she only really became a fan of the franchise when Daniel took over playing the suave spy 10 years ago.

She said: "I knew of the films, of course, everyone does.

"But I really started to watch the Bond films when they cast Daniel in 'Casino Royale'. I remember really loving that film. It was something that is really a part of my generation."

Léa feels honoured to have become a part of "film history" because of her role in the iconic movie series.

She is quoted by the MailOnline website as saying: "When I got the part I was so excited because James Bond is such a big part of our culture. We all know it. And for an actress it's a special thing, and very exciting. You become, in a way, part of film history."