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Lauren Murray voted off X Factor

Lauren Murray voted off X Factor

Lauren Murray has been voted off the 'X Factor'.

The 25-year-old hopeful's sing-off performance of 'Fight Song' split the judges and after they went to deadlock, she left the ITV competition after receiving the least amount of public votes.

Speaking after her exit, she said: "I just want to say thank you to everyone who voted for me, that believed in me the whole way through. All the people backstage are just amazing and thank you."

Meanwhile, Lauren has had a rollercoaster time on the show, having chosen to move out of the house following the elimination of her friends Keira Weathers and Seann Miley Moore.

Kiera said at the time: "She told me she's left the house because she was upset but she's still in the competition - although she's packed her stuff."

And Lauren also opened up about getting death threats in the past.

She shared: "People can be so mean on Twitter, they forget that we're all just normal people.

"A few of us have even had death threats. And we've had people send pictures of themselves cutting our names into their arms. It's horrible!"

Following Lauren's departure, Ché Chesterman, Louisa Johnson and Reggie and Bollie will fight to be crowned the winner of the ITV show next weekend (12.12.15).