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Lauren Conrad is 'pretty basic'

Lauren Conrad is 'pretty basic'

Lauren Conrad says she's "probably pretty basic."

The former 'The Hills' star, who is married to lawyer William Tell, claims she lives a very simple life, but insists she couldn't be happier.

She said: "I'm probably pretty basic. But I'm also a pretty happy person, so that's OK with me."

The blonde beauty, 29, was insulted when Allure magazine placed her in its "basic" category, suggesting her behaviour is obscenely obvious, last year and hit back on Twitter at the time, writing: "I definitely just got called a basic b***h! Haha! Really @Allure_magazine?"

Meanwhile, the fashion designer, who is preparing to showcase her new LC Lauren Conrad collection at New York Fashion Week later this month, admits she never intended to become a reality TV star.

She told the October issue of Cosmopolitan magazine: "Television was just sort of an accident... I never felt really strongly about it. But fashion is something I feel passionate about. If I hadn't done TV, I still would have ended up in the [fashion] industry, but I definitely wouldn't be in the position I am now."

Starring on the MTV series also helped her to develop thicker skin.

She explained: "When I did television, scandal was always around me. And I think one of the best things [about that] for me is that your life becomes more big-picture. You have to develop a thick skin really quickly. It toughened me up, which is good."