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Lauren Conrad doesn't want reality star kids

Lauren Conrad doesn't want reality star kids

Lauren Conrad wouldn't want her children to be on reality shows.

The 29-year-old beauty may have shot to fame appearing on fly-on-the-wall programme 'The Hills' but she hopes any kids she and her husband William Tell go on to have won't follow in her footsteps.

She said: "I definitely wouldn't encourage my children to do reality television."

While Lauren - who married her lawyer spouse last September after two and a half years of dating - designs bridesmaid dresses through her Paper Crowns label, she insists she has never been "obsessed" with marriage and never even considered it until she met her now-husband.

She told the new issue of Redbook magazine: "I was never a person who was obsessed with the idea of marriage.

"I mean, I love weddings. But [my husband] is the first person I ever thought I could marry."

The couple enjoy quiet nights in in front of the TV, though Lauren suggested her husband has turned relaxation time into a "nightmare" because he gets irritated by plot inaccuracies and tries to correct what he sees on screen.

She said: "I watch 'The Good Wife' with him and he's like, 'That's incorrect. You would actually do this...'It's a nightmare!"