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Lance Bass's 'different life'

Lance Bass's 'different life'

Lance Bass thinks he would have had a "different life" if he came out when he was younger.

The *NSYNC singer believes not revealing he was gay when he was a young boy had left him feeling "separated" from his friends and family.

He shared: "I would have had a different life. I would have enjoyed myself more and I wouldn't have had to hide something major in my life from the whole world.

"It separated me from my friends and family and so I would love to get those younger years back."

And the 36-year-old singer found writing a memoir, which he titled 'Out of Sync', in 2007 was very "therapeutic".

He added to BELLA New York magazine: "It's something I hid for so long. I kind of wanted to disappear for a little bit and let that digest because it was odd being that vulnerable to the world after being so hidden.

"It was a little freaky, and I felt writing a memoir was very therapeutic. To be able to tell that coming out story and know that you are hopefully helping some other gay kid out there relate to your story is an honour to do that."