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Lamar Odom is treating his body 'worse than ever'

Lamar Odom is treating his body 'worse than ever'

Lamar Odom has been treating his body "worse than ever".

The 36-year-old former basketball player - who suffered a near-fatal overdose in a Las Vegas brothel last October - has allegedly returned "back" to his former ways by binge drinking more than he ever has done.

Speaking to PEOPLE about the sportsman's antics, a source said: "[Lamar] is back to treating his body worse than ever.

"Lamar's near death experience affected a lot of people. Especially Khloé's. She put her life on hold for weeks to be by Lamar's side at the hospital 24/7. It was awful for Khloé to get the phone call that Lamar had overdosed."

And it is rumoured his estranged wife Khloé Kardashian was "infuriated" by her former beau's bad habits, and fears there will soon be a repeat of the October incident.

The source explained: "For days, she didn't know if he was going to make it. It infuriates her that Lamar is back to his old ways. Khloé was really hoping that the awful hospital experience would have a positive effect on Lamar, but it's really been the opposite."

"[Khloé] is worried that she again will get a terrible phone call. She just can't believe that Lamar is heading down the bad road again. She feels frustrated and very sad at the same time. She has tried and wanted to help him so many times.

"It's beyond her how Lamar can be so selfish and just careless about his life. She knows she did the right thing by filing for divorce again, but it's very hard for Khloé to let go. She fears a bad ending for Lamar."

This follows news that Lamar was reportedly removed from a flight for being "wasted" after he downed beers and whisky in the Delta Lounge at Los Angeles International Airport while waiting for a late-night flight to New York on Monday (07.11.16), which saw him leave his first class seat as the aircraft was about to take off to throw up.