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Lady Gaga: Social media ruins relationships

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Lady Gaga: Social media ruins relationships

Lady Gaga thinks social media ruins relationships.

The 'Perfect Illusion' hitmaker doesn't see the fascination with finding love online and would rather opt for more traditional ways of meeting a partner.

She said: "I don't date the same way my friends date. I see my friends dating on the internet and Instagram and everything everybody go through and man is it rough. I see my friend going, 'Well, he told me he was here and looks whats going on. Whats this post?'

"They're looking at Instagrams ruining relationships, Snapchat's ruining relationships, and Twitter and all of that. It's like people are subliminally telling each other stuff through social media about what they feel about each other and it's all a perfect illusion.

"The real stuff is what we do in the room together when we look in each other's eyes and all that floats away because let me tell you something, the internet is just like the Earth in a way. We're going to destroy it."

And the 30-year-old singer says her life is much different than it was before she found fame.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 show, she added: "My life is different now; I cant walk down the street the same way and be me. When I meet people they aren't always interested in speaking to me about real human things like we are right now. They want to know about superficial things, they want a photo, or a selfie, or a Snapchat or Instagram or Insta-snap story or whatever it is they want. I just went jazz. You got kids with like 9 Go-Pros attached to their heads and - yeah it's the fame monsters in a way.

"I had to reckon for myself that my life would never be the way that it was and I loved being that girl who walked down the street on the lower Eastside that nobody knew. I loved being that girl just rolled in from club to club and played my music and discovered new people and had a community with artist. I don't and I've never felt a connection to Hollywood and even though I've written about fame and you see me in Hollywood, I still feel very grounded in my family. I don't feel ever that I want to transition into a different type of me."