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Lady Gaga's drunk toilet drama

Lady Gaga's drunk toilet drama

Lady Gaga used a bin as a toilet when she got drunk.

The 'Poker Face' hitmaker delighted TV host Alan Carr when she got "quite p***ed" while appearing on his chat show, but Gaga ended up relieving herself in a bin as she couldn't get her clothes off properly.

Alan recalled: "Lady Gaga got quite p***ed on whisky. I like her, none of this, 'Just a water, please.'

"Her hat fell off. She was in this complicated outfit and couldn't get to the toilet, so she p***ed in a wastepaper bin."

While Alan loved having Gaga on the 'Chatty Man' show, he hasn't been so impressed by all of his famous guests.

He told heat magazine: "When you meet people you love, you think, 'God what an arse.' I can't name names but it's usually the national treasures. Some of them are nasty.

"They're not nice people and you wonder how that hasn't filtered down to the general public.

"We had a woman on the 'Friday Night Project' who threw her script at a wall and then said, 'I'm not reading this s**t' then threw a bowl of soup over a runner. We think she was on drugs.

"Part one she was quite miserable, part two her eyes were like ball bearings and in part three I think she was having a comedown."