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Kylie Jenner's legal action against fat freezing company falls flat

Kylie Jenner's legal action against fat freezing company falls flat

Kylie Jenner's dispute with a fat-freezing company has been slammed by the firm.

The 19-year-old television personality reportedly consulted lawyers over concerns that a billboard for deliberately featured a model that looks like her, but the organisation's legal team have hit back and sent a scathing letter to her lawyer, in which they insisted their model, Cassandra, bears no resemblance to the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star.

The letter, which has been obtained by TMZ, reads: "Contrary to suggestions in the media, the companies did not seek out Cassandra [the model on the billboard] based on any similarity in appearance to Ms. Jenner. [...] As you have seen from the advertising, there is no attribution nor any visuals or words that in any way tend to confuse the public or take advantage of Ms. Jenner's fame or success."

The legal team for the fat-freezing company didn't stop there, as they went on to highlight the fact many people felt the two women "do not even look alike", and claimed Cassandra's heritage means there's no way the two could even share any ancestry.

They said in the letter: "A review of the comments on the TMZ article posting reveal that an overwhelming majority of the commenting public believe that Ms. Jenner and Cassandra do not even look alike. Cassandra's heritage is primarily Latina and Indian and does not even appear to share ancestry traits with Ms. Jenner."

The letter also states that Cassandra bears "no ill will" toward the teenage beauty as a result of the proposed legal action, and insists that the project was only undertaken in order to build up her portfolio as a model in her own right.

The letter read: "Ms. Jenner's work is admired, and Cassandra bears no ill will against her or her family. Cassandra is simply an aspiring model and singer who was engaged to model for this particular project."