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Kylie Jenner given picture of her DNA by Kris

Kylie Jenner given picture of her DNA by Kris

Kris Jenner has given her daughter Kylie Jenner a picture of her DNA as a present.

The 60-year-old momager has gifted her 19-year-old daughter a framed image of her DNA strands much to the delight and surprise of Kylie.

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' stars took to Kylie's Snapchat account on Tuesday (20.09.16) to share the moment with their fans.

In the Snapchat video, Kris can be seen saying: "I got you your DNA. This is your DNA framed ... Nobody has this. This is who Kylie Jenner is ... this is what you're made up of."

Kylie - who had been using Snapchat hours earlier to showcase her new eyeliners - was greeted by Kris outside her house when she jumped out of her car to show her youngest daughter the unique gift.

Kylie said: "Aww, how cute. This is what I'm made up of?"

To which Kris confirmed: "This is what you're made up of."

But the gifts didn't stop there, as she handed Kylie a plastic bag containing more items for the teenage star. Kylie then pulled out a pair of big spider earrings that her mother said would "calm her nerves", and a keychain of The Nutcracker.

Showing off the gifts in another Snapchat video, Kylie simply captioned it: "More gifts."

The unexpected presents come after Kylie shared her excitement about the launch of her new eyeliners - named 'Kyliner' - that are due to drop on her cosmetics website on Friday.

It is unknown whether Kris splashed out on lavish personalised gifts for her other five children, Kourtney, 37, Kim 35, Khloé, 32, Rob, 29, and Kendall, 20.