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Kylie Jenner amazed by her influence

Kylie Jenner amazed by her influence

Kylie Jenner finds it "really crazy" how much influence she has.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star admits she doesn't quite understand how so many people have come to look up to her as a role model.

When asked how it felt to be a style icon, she said: "It's really crazy. I never really think about it until I'll do a hair colour and then I'll see all my fans in the same hair colour. It's just crazy how much influence I have. It's cool."

And the 18-year-old model finally realised how much of an influence she was when she went to pick up her favourite make up products, only to find out they were sold out everywhere.

In an interview conducted by Paper magazine on Instagram, she added: "I think it all started with my lips when I would overline them. I didn't see one other girl wearing nude lipstick - I didn't even care about the lipstick, I just wanted my lips to be bigger - and then I started seeing a bunch of girls wearing nude lipstick.

"I was going to MAC and Sephora and I'd try to buy my lipstick and the girls working there would be like, 'Kylie, everyone comes in asking what colour you use. Everything's sold out - I'm sorry!' They were like, 'These people should be paying you! Everyone comes in and asks for your colour.' And then the Kylie Jenner makeup tutorials started coming and it became a big thing. I feel like that's when I really realised."