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Kristin Cavallari: 'I was obnoxious on The Hills'

Kristin Cavallari: 'I was obnoxious on The Hills'

Kristin Cavallari won't watch herself on 'The Hills'.

The mother-of-three admitted that she tried to watch some old episodes of the MTV reality TV and cringed at how "obnoxious" she was.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "I was so obnoxious and I'm like ... different time in my life.

"I haven't gone back and watched them, but one day, I think it was two summers ago, my husband, Jay [Cutler], had them on when I came home one time and that was... it's kind of brutal for me to sit through."

Meanwhile, her former co-star Audrina Patridge recently admitted what played out on the reality show was very different to what was really going on in the cast's personal lives, and any genuine relationships were "ruined" by being on TV.

She admitted: "You can't have a real relationship on that show. 'The Hills', any real relationship you'd bring on or try to have, it would get ruined. ...

"I think if social media was a thing, 'The Hills' would never be what it was. Even now going to dinner [fans] sit there and take pictures and film, and like, listen. The secrets! There would be no secrets at 'The Hills' anymore if there was social media back then!"

Audrina admitted she was really "upset" and became "distrustful" of show bosses when a storyline was staged for her to date Spencer Pratt, who is now married to co-star Heidi Montag.

She said: "Oh God, no! I did not have history with him and this was one of the things that really upset me and this was when I started distrusting the producers."

Recalling when she was asked to go to a Pinkberry frozen yoghurt store with no explanation, only for Spencer, 32, to appear with flowers, she added: "That was all fabricated for drama because they needed something to film.

"And I think that was one of the first dramatic -- that's what started all the drama."