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Kristen Stewart 'smiles a lot'

Kristen Stewart 'smiles a lot'

Kristen Stewart "actually smiles a lot".

The 'Twilight' star is usually photographed looking glum but she has insisted she doesn't always have a sad look on her face.

She told Britain's ELLE magazine: "The whole smiling thing is weird because I actually smile a lot.

"I literally want to be like, 'Dude, you would think I was cool if you got to know me.'"

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old actress previously admitted she doesn't want to smile for the paparazzi as she would be "desecrated" for doing so.

She said: "I feel like if I smiled for a paparazzi photo - not that I ever would - that's exactly what people would be desecrating me for. They'd be like, 'Now you're going to give it up, now you're a sellout.' Like, OK, what do you want? What would you like?"

And Kristen recently admitted she had "finally managed" to be at ease with the media after an anxiety-filled childhood.

She explained: "[I've] come out the other end not hardened, but strong. At one point, you just let go and give yourself to your life. I have finally managed that ...

"Between ages 15 and 20, it was really intense. I was constantly anxious. I was kind of a control freak. If I didn't know how something was going to turn out, I would make myself ill, or just be locked up or inhibited in a way that was really debilitating."