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Kristen Stewart hates being a celebrity

Kristen Stewart hates being a celebrity

Kristen Stewart hates being a celebrity.

The 26-year-old beauty - who shot into the limelight in 2008 when she starred as Isabella 'Bella' Swan in the popular franchise 'Twilight' - is desperately trying to carve out a career as a director but has admitted she still loves acting - although she doesn't like the things that come with it.

She explained: "When I'm making a movie or developing something, I really do forget about 'celebrity' and that I have some responsibility to interact with the public on what is for me a very personal level, but for them not personal at all. It's an entirely imbalanced relationship."

However, the blonde beauty may not like the consequences that come with her high-profile career but she has admitted her work has saved her on more than one occasion.

She said: "I have a really strong sense of identity when I'm working. If I'm having a bad day, or something existential or hormonal... if anything brings me down, I'm lucky if I have to go to work that day. And that could be anything."

And, although she'd like to shed her identity for a day, Kristen believes she would be desperate to get in the public eye if she wasn't famous.

She explained to ELLE magazine: "Maybe I'd be more confident. Maybe I'd have a public Instagram and be obsessed with how many followers I had, as I'd need all the attention.

"I'd be one of those people talking really loudly in restaurants. I'd need to perform. Actors want to be looked at. I am the antithesis of that when I'm in public. Then I'm like, 'Please everyone, I don't want to exist.' But there is still a strong desire in me to be seen. It's so weird."