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Kristen Scott Thomas advised by queen

Kristen Scott Thomas advised by queen

Britain's Queen Elizabeth advised Dame Kristin Scott Thomas that portraying her on stage will be a "challenge".

The 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' actress takes on the role of the monarch in stage production 'The Audience' - which dramatises the weekly meetings between the queen and her Prime Ministers throughout her reign - in London next month and she was given some good advice from the 88-year-old royal herself.

Discussing meeting the queen to receive her damehood last week, Kristin said: "She asked me what I was doing next so I had to tell her. She said it would be quite a challenge."

Kristin thinks performing on stage as the queen will be an "extraordinary" experience.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: "Playing someone who's alive is extraordinary. Of course, this is a play, not a documentary or anything like that but we're trying to recount history.

"Whether these thing are actually said is another matter, but it's a very clever way of telling the story of the past 60 years."

The 54-year-old star admits she is amused at the thought of being a Dame and doesn't think she fits the stereotypical image the title conveys.

She said: "I have a hard time believing that it's really me.

"For me, the image of a dame is someone in a tweed skirt who walks around with four dogs yelling at everyone.

"I find myself laughing when I see envelopes arriving at my house addressed to me with the title Dame on them."