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Kris Jenner 'relieved' she can't have more children

Kris Jenner 'relieved' she can't have more children

Kris Jenner feels relieved she can't have any more children.

The 60-year-old showbiz matriarch - who is already a mother of five daughters, one son and a grandmother to five children - is shown wondering whether she can still get pregnant in a new episode of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'.

During the show, Kris tells her daughter Kourtney: "I just went to lunch ... and I pulled out these tampons and they were all flabbergasted."

Subsequently, Kris revealed she still has her period, due to the estrogen cream she uses, and that after explaining that to a group of her friends, one of them asked if she was on birth control.

Recalling the conversation, Kris said: "Why in the world at 60 years old would I be on birth control?!

"And she said, 'Because you can still get pregnant.'

"I don't think I could get pregnant. If I am pregnant, I don't know what I would do!"

Following her candid conversation with Kourtney, Kris rings her gynecologist who tells her emphatically that there's no chance she will get pregnant.

Kris subsequently admitted: "Never thought I'd be happy to hear, 'No, you can't get pregnant!"'

Earlier this year, Kris revealed she was "exhausted" from having too much sex with her boyfriend Corey Gamble.

She also said: "I realised I don't want to get married. But I really have a lot of fun with Corey and I love being with him."