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Kit Harington thinks he's 'safe' on Game of Thrones

Kit Harington thinks he's 'safe' on Game of Thrones

Kit Harington thinks he is the "safest person" on 'Game of Thrones' right now.

The 29-year-old actor plays Jon Snow on the HBO fantasy drama and he is sure he will be avoiding the chop for the foreseeable future because it would be "awful storytelling" to kill him off so soon after he was brought back to life.

Speaking to The Wrap, the 'Pompeii' star said: "Here's the thing: I feel like one of the safest people on 'Thrones' now. Maybe I shouldn't say that. He could die next season, but I felt very safe this season. Because if I come back to life in episode 2, it would be awful storytelling if you kill me in episode 4. So I felt a bit cocky this season."

Viewers of the show - which is famous for killing off the most popular characters in gory ways - saw Jon Snow die at the end of series five, only to have him brought back to life in the second episode of season six. For those first two episodes, Kit spent his time on-screen lying on a table, something which he found incredibly difficult.

He said: "I was on that flipping table ... I thought it would be quite nice just to have a couple of episodes lying down, but it was really frustrating. Everyone's getting on with the job around you, and you just have to be still, and naked, for weeks. I drifted off a few times on that table, and woke up in the middle of 'Game of Thrones' world, which was terrifying."

Despite becoming one of the biggest characters in 'GoT', Kit never expected to land a role in a long-running series like that, and instead thought he'd make a career in theatre.

The British heartthrob - who appeared in London stage show 'Doctor Faustus' - said: "I wanted to be in the theatre. I'd done classical theatre training. I'd had absolutely no training in screen acting whatsoever, as you don't in British drama schools. So I envisioned maybe doing a stint at the RSC, or getting a job at the National, or one of those major theatres in London. That was the plan - just work and work and see if I can survive. But I didn't see this coming. I really didn't."