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Kimberly Wyatt's soccer-loving daughter

Kimberly Wyatt's soccer-loving daughter

Kimberly Wyatt's husband claims their one-year-old daughter loves watching soccer.

The ex-Pussycat Doll's model spouse Max Rodgers, 33, has stated that their daughter Willow enjoys watching the sport more than typical children's TV shows.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said "She loves the football. She does."

However, his 31-year-old wife gave him a disapproving look and quipped: "It's just an excuse so he can watch it. She actually loves Baby TV."

Kimberly is still mourning the loss of Sky1's 'Got to Dance' which she was a judge on alongside Ashley Banjo and Adam Garcia.

She said: "I'm sad to see 'Got to Dance' go but I'm excited to do 'Taking the Next Step' which I'm a judge on again on CBBC."

The show was scrapped after four series but she still has fond memories.

Kimberly said: "Being a part of 'Got to Dance' and getting to see kids that need the outlet and get to do what they love is super important."