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Kimberly Wyatt lifts weights with her baby

Kimberly Wyatt lifts weights with her baby

Kimberly Wyatt lifts weights with her daughter.

The former Pussycat Dolls star has revealed she loves nothing more than exercising with her seven-month-old daughter Willow and has tailored her fitness regime so the tot can be a part of it.

She revealed: "Because Willow is my priority now, I find ways to do it with her. We do mommy and baby yoga and weight classes. I love having her in that fitness atmosphere. I do my squats while holding her hand and do push-up kisses and she loves it. It feels like playtime for her."

The 33-year-old TV personality - who wed model Max Rogers last year - continued to say she hopes her dedication to keeping fit and healthy will rub off on her daughter long-term.

She explained: "In this selfie-obsessed generation, where people are so driven by fame and looks, with Photoshopped faces and bodies, we're all living in a false reality. What's important to me is to stay true to myself and to what I've learned along the way so that I can introduce Willow to that in the healthiest way I know.

"I have no control over the choices she makes in the future - my own experience taught me that - but I can be the best example to her that I can possibly be."

And the former dancer added she feels much closer to her beau since giving birth because the wellbeing of their baby is a shared "goal".

She told HELLO! magazine: "We've always been supportive of one another in our respective careers but I do feel that Max and I are even more of a team now that we have Willow. We're working towards the same goal, which is building a future for our child."