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Kimberly Stewart is a 'strict' mother

Kimberly Stewart is a 'strict' mother

Kimberly Stewart is a "strict" mother - because she didn't have many rules as a child.

The 36-year-old model admits she can be tough on four-year-old Delilah - her daughter with former partner Benicio del Toro - because her own mum and dad, Alana Hamilton and Rod Stewart, never really enforced discipline when she was growing up.

Asked when she last lost her temper, she said: "This morning, I was trying to get Delilah ready for school and she didn't want to brush her teeth.

"I'm good at being strict. I didn't have that a lot when I was younger, so I make up for it with her."

And the blonde socialite admitted she doesn't always get along with her mother these days.

She said: "My mum owes me an apology, we just had an argument about George [Hamilton]'s birthday dinner.

"I wanted to do it at my house and she wanted to go to a fancy restaurant. We are not speaking at this moment."

Kimberly credits raising her little girl with "grounding" her.

She told Grazia magazine: "I've learnt to be present and not plan what your future should look like.

"In my 20s, I always wanted to be on to the next thing. Even when I was out, I wanted to be in the next club. Having my daughter grounded me. I live more in the moment now."