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Kimberly Stewart: Dad is such a trouble maker!

Kimberly Stewart: Dad is such a trouble maker!

Rod Stewart is the "sh*t stirrer" in his family, according to his daughter Kimberly.

The British rocker has Kimberly and her brother Sean with his ex-wife Alana Hamilton and is also father to six other children from various relationships. Keeping up with all her siblings can be tricky for Kimberly, especially as her father loves causing mischief among them all.

"Even I struggle to keep up," she laughed to British magazine Hello! "Dad is very involved and is also the peacemaker, although sometimes he can be the sh*t stirrer! He'll sit back and watch something go off, then he'll be like, 'Oh now, what did I do? I just made Kim and Ruby [her half-sister] fight.' He's got a very mischievous sense of humour."

Kimberly, 35, has learnt a lot about being a parent since having her daughter Delilah, who turns four later this month. The tot's father is Hollywood star Benicio Del Toro, 48, and having her has completely changed Kimberly's life.

"I honestly never, ever thought that I could love anything as much as I love her," she gushed.

"I had her at the right time. I got all the partying out of my system and I just wanted to be with her all the time. I've been a stay at home mother since she was born and I've loved every second."

Although she comes from such a showbiz background, Kimberly wants her daughter to be grounded. Things like manners and respect are very important to her, and she has instilled them in her little one from a young age.

"When she arrived I just wanted to be with her, figure it out between us and be the best mum that I could be. She's the greatest thing in my life," she said. "She's sassy and has great manners."

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