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Kim Woodburn wants acting role

ShowbizBy Sunday World
Kim Woodburn wants acting role

Kim Woodburn wants to turn to acting.

The 'How Clean Is Your House?' star would love to play a "silly old bag" in a comedy series or show off her more dramatic side in a period piece.

She admitted: "I'd love to be in a sitcom - I'd like to play the silly old bag.

"I'd love to have a part in a costume drama too - like Lady Bracknell in 'The Importance of Being Earnest' or the part that Maggie Smith plays in 'Downton Abbey'. I'd be a right old biddy!"

The 73-year-old television personality hasn't embraced all aspects of modern life and admitted she is hopeless with technology.

Asked if she ever Googles herself, she said: "I'm 73! I was brought up with a pen and pad. I can't even turn on a computer. I can't text, I can't Google, I can't take selfies. The 21st century has passed me by."

Though she thinks she's a "good homemaker", Kim doesn't think she has many talents away from domesticity.

She said: "I'm good at housework, crochet, knitting and sewing.

"I'm a good homemaker, but apart from that, not really. I'm flaming useless."