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Kim Kardashian West's 'talent' is getting people to like her

Kim Kardashian West's 'talent' is getting people to like her

Kim Kardashian West believes her "talent" is getting people to like her.

The 36-year-old 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star - who has been a key figure on the show since 2007 - thinks

having a "really successful" brand, which attracts a large number of supportive fans, is her greatest gift in life.

Speaking on TV show '60 Minutes' about her success, the 'Selfish' author said: "It is a talent to have a brand that's really successful off of getting people to like you for you.

"I would think that has to involve some kind of talent, you know?"

And the star - who has three-year-old daughter North and 10-month-old son Saint with her rapper husband Kanye West - doesn't think she'd be as successful as she is without the rise of social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat.

Asked if her fame could exist without social media, she added: "Not in this way. I totally attribute my career to social media."

Kim - who endured a traumatic ordeal earlier this month when she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, France, during Paris Fashion Week - believes there are far more positive things happening in her life, which outweigh the negative.

She explained in an interview conducted before the robbery: "I do believe that the pros in my situation and my lifestyle have been more beneficial than the negative things."

Although Kim has a more positive outlook, her older sister Kourtney has revealed her sibling is "not doing great" after the incident, which saw $10 million worth of jewellery taken from her room at the Hotel de Pourtalès.

Speaking previously, the 37 year old said: "She's not doing great. I think we're all really still shaken up and I just - you know, I think she has a big supportive family and I know that all the traumatic things that we've been through, we get through them together as a family."