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Kim Kardashian West: My son is 'cute' because he looks like me

Kim Kardashian West: My son is 'cute' because he looks like me

Kim Kardashian West thinks her son is "cute" because he looks just like her.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star recently welcomed her second child, a son, Saint, into the world and joked she was to thank for his cuteness.

Speaking in a livestream, she said: "You wanna talk on my livestream? He's so cute, you guys, you have no idea.

"He looks kinda like just like me, don't you think? He's so cute - he looks just like me!"

Meanwhile, the 35-year-old television personality - who also has two-year-old daughter North with husband Kanye West - previously revealed that her eldest child gets jealous when she breastfeeds her two-month-old son.

She shared: "I'm about 2 months into breastfeeding and I'm not gonna lie - it can be time-consuming.

"For some reason, North hates when I feed the baby, and she lays on my lap so Saint can't be right in front of me to eat, LOL! I've started to include her: Sometimes I will pump and have her feed him the bottle. That totally worked! She loved helping me, as opposed to my attention being off of her, and now she is my little helper.

"I feel super lucky that breastfeeding is easy for me and I produce a lot of milk - so much that I've taken over my mom's freezer with tons of milk! (sic)"