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Kevin Hart's small wedding

Kevin Hart's small wedding

Kevin Hart is planning a "small" wedding.

The 'Wedding Ringer' actor proposed to Eniko Parrish on her 30th birthday last summer and they want their nuptials to be "special" but without a "big masquerade".

He said: "Small, small and small definitely. It's definitely about us not making a big masquerade. It's not my style or cup of tea. It will be something special, just a day to be remembered just for us!"

However, though the pair will tie the knot "soon", the 36-year-old star admits he has very little knowledge about their big day as he has left all the planning to his fiancee.

He told E! News: "A happy wife is a happy life.

"My wedding is coming up soon. I don't like to talk about it cause I don't know details.

"What I do say is, 'Honey, you have an amount. Don't go above the amount. Come to me when it's time to sign the cheque. It's your day to be happy.'

"That's what I have learned. You throw your hands up!"

Kevin is guaranteed to be in shape on his wedding day as he is currently training hard in a bid to keep up with his 'Central Intelligence' co-star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

He admitted: "He is one of the most in shape people I have ever been around.

"I think when you surround yourself with the people who live the life of fitness, it rubs off on you."