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Kesha's jacket is returned

Kesha's jacket is returned

Kesha has been reunited with the jacket that was reportedly stolen from her dressing room.

Following an emotional appeal over social media the custom coat - which features a black tiger and rainbow detail - has been returned to the singer.

TMZ have reported that a source close to the 'Tik Tok' hitmaker confirmed she was contacted by someone who had the garment and wished to return it after "accidentally" taking it from her dressing room and did not purposefully steal it.

The 29-year-old singer will be relieved having made a desperate plea for its return on Monday (08.08.16) before she performed in Cleveland.

Kesha posted on a video on her Instagram account with an accompanying comment which read: "If u guys can please help me find this suit jacket. i will be forever indebted. i need it for my show tomorrow night. someone stole it from my room. can anyone help me? (sic)"

The eagle-eyed pop star had spotted a picture of the coat on a social media account and pleaded for the users help, adding: "@mrpeepsmomwhere did you find this picture ? IF YOU CAN HELP ME I WILL DO SOMETHING AMAZING FOR YOU I JUST NEED THIS PLEASE (sic)"

The video itself went even further by promising anyone who found her jacket a kiss on the mouth.

She said: "If you can get me my f***ing suit, I don't know what I'll do I'll kiss you on the f***ing mouth. But I need it for my show tomorrow.

"If someone can get it, I'll do something great for you but please I need that f***ing suit by tomorrow night at 9 o'clock. Okay, I love you. Bye (sic)."