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Kesha hid behind bin to avoid ex-boyfriend

Kesha hid behind bin to avoid ex-boyfriend

Kesha hid behind a bin for half an hour to avoid her ex-boyfriend.

The 'Tik Tok' hitmaker was forced to lunge behind the smelly waste on Tuesday (07.06.16) and sit there for 30 long minutes in order to avoid crossing paths with a former lover in Los Angeles.

Taking to her Twitter account just after the incident, the 29-year-old singer tweeted: "I wish I could quarantine all of my ex boyfriends and send them to a far away place. literally saw one today and had to hide behind a dumpster for half an hour. fml (sic)."

It's not known who the blonde beauty was referring to in the online post but she has been dating Brad Ashenfelter for over two years after the pair were introduced to one another through a mutual friend.

Meanwhile, it seems ex-boyfriends are the least of Kesha's worries at the moment as she's been tangled up a bitter legal battle with Dr Luke's record label Kemosabe since 2014.

The pair got into a legal war of words after the pop star claimed Dr Luke - whose real name is Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald - had sexual assaulted her, battled her, sexually harassed her and abused her over the course of 10 years they'd worked together.

Kesha was unsuccessful with her legal bid to scrap her contract with Kemosabe Records earlier this year and she has now been asked to testify under oath about the allegations she has made against the 42-year-old record producer.

She was issued a subpoena to be questioned in an on-camera deposition in New York City in June.

Dr Luke has denied all claims against him.