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Kerry Katona recovering after liposuction

Kerry Katona recovering after liposuction

Kerry Katona is recovering after having a "load of liposuction".

The 36-year-old star took to Twitter to explain her absence from the social media site, admitting to have undergone the cosmetic procedure as well as a tummy tuck.

In a series of tweets, she wrote: "Good morning all! Bloody missed you all! Hope your all well... sorry I've not been on.. xxxxxx ...

"Well I've been recovering from having a s**t load of lipo!! #dontjudge!! 5 kids and all!! And a mini tummy tuck! Just a kick up the arse ... Don't wanna be the fat cat in the kittens! can't wait to get back in gym!! (sic)"

And Kerry has likened the procedure to an "eye test", telling one fan who said there was "no shame" in getting some plastic surgery that it was "like going for an eye test these days! How very showbiz (sic)"

However, Kerry - who has Molly, 15, and Lilly-Sue, 13, from her relationship with Brian McFadden, Heidi, nine, and Maxwell, eight, who she has with Mark Croft, and two-year-old daughter Dylan-Jorge with her husband George Kay - would never encourage her children to go for the same procedures.

She tweeted: "'do as I say not as I do!' All of my children are beautiful just the way they are! I have my reasons! & I've put them off if anything! (sic)"

Meanwhile, Kerry previously insisted she never wants her older daughters to end up obsessing over their weight.

She shared: "There's nothing wrong with regular exercise, but I don't want my girls obsessing over dress sizes and calorie counting. It's all about feeling good."