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Kendrick Lamar's role model pressure

Kendrick Lamar's role model pressure

Kendrick Lamar feels pressure to be a role model.

The 28-year-old recording artist knows he has been "chosen" as someone for young people to look up to but admits he is fearful of the "power" and responsibility that comes along with it.

He shared: "I know I'm chosen. I know I'm a favorite. I know in my heart there's a whole other energy and leadership side of me that I have probably run from my whole life. How much power do I want? How much can I handle? That's the question I keep asking myself.

"'Cause when you are a voice for the youth, nothing can stop you. The youth is what changes things. Can I lead that? Should I? I get confused because people are championing me to be that vocal point and it's a challenge for me to be that because I have some fear of that type of power."

The 'Swimming Pools' hitmaker also admits he is naturally a "recluse" but says he is beginning to learn how to handle his new-found power.

He added to XXL magazine: "This goes back to me being who I naturally am or who think that I am now, that 28-year-old kid that's kind've a recluse. But 28 is old enough for me to figure out who I am and have that power at the same time, that's the battle and it's a trip."