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Kendra Wilkinson yearns for children to have more freedom

Kendra Wilkinson yearns for children to have more freedom

Kendra Wilkinson wishes "fear" didn't stop parents from letting their children play outside.

The 30-year-old reality TV star and her husband Hank Baskett have two kids, six-year-old son Hank Jr. and 22-month-old Alijah, together and she wishes she felt confident to let her boy play in their Los Angeles neighbourhood without paranoia about predatory adults.

Writing on Twitter, she wrote: "I'd like to see more kids on the streets sometimes though. Why aren't kids outside playin anymore like old times. Cough cough 90s ... Sucks the good people/families have to live in fear cuz of someone else's evilness. Why why why does it have to be that way? (sic)"

Despite the natural parental fears she has about her kids, Kendra, 30, feels lucky to live where she does in LA and believes she has the "best neighbours in the world".

In other tweets, the 'Kendra On Top' star shared: "I really believe that we have the best neighbors in the world... Do you guys get along and love your neighbors like we do?? #family ... We are always looking after each others homes, feeding pets, dinners. They r all different races n religions but we r all one. #neighbbors ... The neighborhood part of us is something that has never been touched on in my life publicly. Just thought I'd fill u in on that a little ... Love thy neighbor. (sic)"