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Kendra Wilkinson's new food show

Kendra Wilkinson's new food show

Kendra Wilkinson is to star in a new food TV show.

The reality TV beauty has recently been filming the programme for the Food Network and she has been enjoying every moment.

After one fan told her that she'd seen her, Kendra replied: "LMAO filmed a show for the @FoodNetwork going around eating and drinking at the top places. Was amazing (sic)"

And when one follower said it was a dream job, the former Playboy playmate said: "Tell me about it. Enjoyed every minute."

Kendra, 30, had been filming in Michigan and tweeted: "I'm honesty here to eat some amazing food. (sic)"

Last year, Kendra - who has two children, six-year-old Hank Jr. and Alijah, two, with husband Hank Baskett - took part in the celebrity edition of 'Worst Cooks in America' and said she loved trying different cuisines.

She revealed: "I just never had the time to cook. ... I'm a big believer in cultural differences, and I think Southern California is a whole different place ... a lot different of a culture than you'd get in Arkansas. ... You know, you get places, like Michigan and like Minnesota, where it's snowed in, and you don't really have a lot to do, so why not cook? And why not have family over and make it a big fun thing?"

She added: "When in Southern California, where I grew up, my culture was to look ... at my house as a locker room and kind of eat the fuel and go. I was a big outdoors person. I never really sat around in the house. I hated sitting in the house - I still do. So cooking is the one thing that I've always been afraid of, and ... I just feel too claustrophobic doing it. ... I'd rather be outside enjoying the sun and playing sports and playing with my kids than being stuck inside."